Under the Wires, 2017

This is an ongoing practice of drawing urban scenes, including power lines & all kinds of overhead wires. It gives me an excuse to draw the particular kind of cute buildings that I like to look at as I cycle to and from and my studio each day. It also keeps me in practice for the work I am most often receive private commissions for: house portraits.

Having worked on my exhibition Pyrite Radio in 2015, and having always had an interest in radio in general, I also like to draw antennas and satellite dishes and the like. I like to think about how the metal around is (not just antennas) is permanently receiving radio waves (as are we), it just doesn’t play them back. I also like to think about wires being cut or crossed — and often I intentionally disconnect wires or otherwise fragment the drawing. This is in part inspired by a hard drive full of corrupted image files of photographs I took years ago, and in part by the fragmentation of images as they are sent electronically along those wires.

Do not adjust your set! Suggested listening while viewing: The Cramps – Under the Wires.

Some of these can be bought as prints from my online store.

© Simon O’Carrigan 2016–2017
© Simon O’Carrigan 2016–2017
© Simon O’Carrigan 2016–2017
© Simon O’Carrigan 2016–2017
© Simon O’Carrigan 2016–2017
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Animation: The Mighty Apollo, Plot Media

Plot Media hired me to animate 2 minutes of footage for use in their pitch / proof of concept teaser trailer for a forthcoming documentary, The Mighty Apollo. The film tells the story of an Australian strongman Paul Anderson (The Mighty Apollo) who survived a horrific accident, and later went on to perform even more death defying feats. The brief was for hand-drawn, 2D animation, that would recall 1930s cartoons, and Ari Folman’s Waltz with Bashir.

The film  examines Paul’s psychology, and I was asked to help convey the less conventional aspects of that part of the story. The animated scenes tell the behind-the-scenes story of Paul’s relationship with his alter-ego, which changes from benevolent to threatening.

I worked with Nick Barkla (Director), and Jamie Houge & Virginia Kay (Producers). From a script, I created storyboards and character designs for approval before beginning work on the animation.

The animation is made with ink on paper, and digital tones added. I animated at 12 frames per second, using a number of layers in After Effects depending on the requirements of each shot. The animation was produced in around two months, and later the production team at Plot added voice overs, SFX, and cut it into a full trailer.

For now the full trailer and details about the project are under wraps, but I can’t wait to show the wonders that the Plot team have pulled together: it is Really Very Good. So it’s nice to have my work included in it. In the meantime, you can watch the parts I animated, sans soundtrack, on this page or on Vimeo.

In addition to the animation I made storyboard art and animatic sections for other parts of the trailer. You can see a few examples of this content on my website here.

2 December 2016

Private Commissions

I enjoy working on private commissions, as they afford me a chance to dedicate a block of time to one artwork, and to use the best materials I have (that I often wouldn’t use for art that is designed for reproduction).

I am often asked to make a ‘house portrait’ to capture a much loved home with more life than a photo. I’m also asked to reinterpret photographs of locations the client has been to, and put a bit of my usual energy into it!

For a quote or to discuss an idea, get in touch!

Private Commission


© Simon O’Carrigan 2016–2017
© Simon O’Carrigan 2016–2017