25 September 2009


August 31–September 25, 2009
Platform Artist Run Space
Campbell Arcade, Degraves Street Subway
Melbourne Vic 3000

Terminal carefully considers the typical looped display of video art, and makes the loop an integral part of the work.

At first glance, the work seems to be a very short (two minutes) loop, however if one lingers longer they will notice that as the days flow by for the protagonist, he seems to fade from existence.  It leaves you wondering, how will this Sisyphus manage to complete that ever-replenishing towering pile of paperwork?  As you watch the character fade away, you wonder if he has suffered as many paper cuts as the animator must have, to draw by hand the hundreds of individual frames that comprise the animation.

Terminal has also screened throughout June 2010 on the public screen in Federation Square, Melbourne, in Program 1 of the Austhetic compilation series.

4 September 2009