Under the Wires, 2017

This is an ongoing practice of drawing urban scenes, including power lines & all kinds of overhead wires. It gives me an excuse to draw the particular kind of cute buildings that I like to look at as I cycle to and from and my studio each day. It also keeps me in practice for the work I am most often receive private commissions for: house portraits.

Having worked on my exhibition Pyrite Radio in 2015, and having always had an interest in radio in general, I also like to draw antennas and satellite dishes and the like. I like to think about how the metal around is (not just antennas) is permanently receiving radio waves (as are we), it just doesn’t play them back. I also like to think about wires being cut or crossed — and often I intentionally disconnect wires or otherwise fragment the drawing. This is in part inspired by a hard drive full of corrupted image files of photographs I took years ago, and in part by the fragmentation of images as they are sent electronically along those wires.

Do not adjust your set! Suggested listening while viewing: The Cramps – Under the Wires.

Some of these can be bought as prints from my online store.

© Simon O’Carrigan 2016–2017
© Simon O’Carrigan 2016–2017
© Simon O’Carrigan 2016–2017
© Simon O’Carrigan 2016–2017
© Simon O’Carrigan 2016–2017
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