5 February 2015

Forthcoming Exhibitions

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My next solo show will be:

A Nice Day To Go To The Pub
Off The Kerb
66B Johnston Street
VIC 3066

The show runs 16–30 March 2018.
Gallery hours, opening night & further details TBA.

The show is about beloved, historic pubs in the City of Yarra, and in particular, those that play a role in the vital live music culture of the inner north.

The work will be ink & watercolour drawings of these buildings, with originals for sale and a small run of prints available.

I’m borrowing the title of the show from the iconic Australian punk band, The Cosmic Psychos, and their song of the same name. ‘Nice day to have a schnitzel’ has got to be one of the best lyrics in punk rock ever.

Check out this write up & preview in Yarra’s arts guide. In the drawing of The Tote, you can see Off The Kerb gallery across the road. The Tote is a good place for an after part post-exhibition opening!


Reading In Edinburgh Gardens
Bargoonga Nganjin – Fitzroy North Library
182/186 St Georges Road
Fitzroy North VIC 3068

In mid-2018 I will be creating a mural for the foyer space inside the new and awesome Bargoonga Nganjin building. The building is next to Fitzroy’s much loved Edinburgh Gardens, and I’ll be making a children’s picture book inspired mural featuring the park, and people reading books they’ve borrowed from the library. More info to come. For now, check out this illo which served as part of my pitch for the project to get a sense of the style I am planning:

Personal work, inspired by a Max Fatchen poem

Personal work, inspired by a Max Fatchen poem