Oh Yeah Wow: About the Go Gentle Project
9 November 2017

Campaign Video Illustrations: Oh Yeah Wow / Go Gentle Australia

In October 2017, I was hired by studio Oh Yeah Wow to create illustrations for a special project. Their client, Go Gentle Australia, wanted an illustrated campaign explainer video to help along the campaign for a law to permit Voluntary Assisted Dying in Victoria.

I spent a week or so in house at Oh Yeah Wow, working closely with Christina Remnant (Producer), and James Bailey (Motion Graphics). The score was composed and performed by Jamie Messenger, and Ryan Granger cut the sound together. Direction came from Andrew Denton at Go Gentle, and Bastion agency.

They needed me to create illustrations that emphasised the human suffering that can be avoided, but also to reiterate the governance and checks and balances in place to keep the proposed law safe. Walking the line between sensitivity and sensationalism is a tough brief, but I had very good art direction and collaboration to help me along.

I loved working on a video that allowed me to focus on illustrating, selecting relevant images and coming up with a style to match the tone and goal of the piece. I worked with ink on paper, then digitally cleaned up and prepared images for James to work with in After Effects.

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