Saneia Norton Design Communication: About the project
13 July 2017

Identity illustrations: Saneia Norton Design Communications

SNDC approached me to create a series of illustrations that would give their new website a tone that would appeal to their clients and collaborators. Their business is to train designers to better communicate the value and function of their design, verbally, with collaborators.

The brief was to create illustrations for a series of pages & sections, that would allude to the scratchy, exploratory drawings designers and architects (and illustrators!) make, yet at the same time reveal a sense of polish in moving between hand made, ink on paper drawings, and crisp high-res digital images suitable for a variety of uses.

I worked closely with Saneia for a number of weeks, and had a tonne of fun. When a client shows you one of your loosest, most relaxed drawings, and asks you to do more of the same, it’s a dream job. I also worked with James Norton Design, to ensure the digital files were going to suit the development of the website and the format for future podcasts and other digital considerations. Thanks, Saneia and James!

Learn more about SNDC here, and about JND here.