Disappearance: Text
25 December 2011


November 25–December 17, 2011
Kings Artist Run

Lvl 1 / 171 King Street
Melbourne, Victoria 3000

Disappearance was a group exhibition instigated and curated by Simon O’Carrigan. It was held at Kings Artist Run Space in December 2011, and was generously supported by NAVA (National Association of Visual Artists) through the Janet Holmes A Court Artists Grant. The accompanying essay can be found below the thumbnails.

Disappearance presents a collaboration between curator and artist Simon O’Carrigan and five artists asked to respond to the  idea of ‘disappearance’. Lionel Bawden, Drew Pettifer with Chris Bond, Betra Fraval, Kevin Chin, and Marcel Feillafe have examined this theme within their individual practice’s and have explored it further within this exhibition.