Early Harvest Issue 6: About
9 November 2017

Editorial Illustrations: Early Harvest Issue 6

I wish that when I was in primary school, I could have been involved with something as inspiring as the 100 Story Building’s Early Harvest magazine. But at least I did get to be involved for this issue! I was asked to do a contributor portrait for each of the editors of Issue 6, and also to illustrate one of the stories (hint: that’s the one that looks like a suspect).

Personally, I was excited to be involved because in a former life, I worked as an agent and then manager at Booked Out Speaker’s Agency, and in that time made good friends with a number of authors and illustrators. The chance to have my work published alongside a few of them, and at the same time lend my support to such an great idea of a project, is just great.

Learn about the 100 Story Building and their Early Harvest magazine here, and please buy a copy of any back issues they still have, to support them.